NetWorkSpaces for Python

NetWorkSpaces: a framework to coordinate distributed programs

NetWorkSpaces (NWS) is one way to write parallel programs. It allows you to take advantage of a multi-core machine; multiple virtual machines, as well as cloud-based clusters, using languages such as Python, R, Java, and Matlab. With NetWorkSpaces for Python, you can execute Python functions and programs in parallel using methods very much like the standard Python map function. In some cases, you may be able to parallelize your program in minutes, rather than months.

For example, here's a simple Python NWS script:

          from math import sqrt
          from nws.sleigh import Sleigh
          s = Sleigh()
          for x in s.imap(sqrt, xrange(10)):
              print x

It looks pretty simple, but you'll need to be familiar with the imap function in the standard itertools module.

PyClips (Available via PIP)

This module embeds a fully functional CLIPS engine into Python, and gives the developer a more Python-compliant interface to CLIPS without cutting down on functionalities. In fact CLIPS is compiled into the module in its entirety, and most API functions are bound to Python methods. However the direct bindings to the CLIPS library (implemented as the _clips submodule) are not described here: each function is described by an appropriate documentation string, and accessible by means of the help() function or through the pydoc tool. Each direct binding maps to an API provided function. For a detailed reference for these functions see Clips Reference Guide Vol. II: Advanced Programming Guide, available for download at the CLIPS website.

PyCLIPS is also capable of generating CLIPS text and binary files: this allows the user to interact with sessions of the CLIPS system itself. An important thing to know, is that PyCLIPS implements CLIPS as a separated engine: in the CLIPS module implementation, CLIPS ``lives'' in its own memory space, allocates its own objects. The module only provides a way to send information and commands to this engine and to retrieve results from it.

The Crowd Programming Engine (CPE)

"A Distributed Agent-Based system with Rules, FuzzyLogic (FuzzyClips), and B-D-I connected over a shared Tuple-Space powered by google spreadsheets or something better when we find it." - Charles Kosta, Sc.D.